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Moss Removal

Option #1


We brush and blow the roof clean, knocking loose any dead moss, and apply “Moss Killer” to kill the more deep-rooted Moss. We repeat this process throughout a year to remove and kill all the Moss. This is a very gentle option for the roof. It takes time and patience, but the end result is the same as the as all other forms of treatment, a new-looking and clean roof, with the least abrasion possible.

Option #2


This option is for more vigorous moss growth on the roof. We actually remove all the moss by hand, giving you a fresh new start so we can keep a handle on the moss growth for years to come. 

We use steel brushes and plastic hard-bristle brushes, gently brushing to remove the moss, shingle for shingle. We blow off the roof and apply “Moss Killer”, always cleaning the gutters after the roof is cleaned. We ensure that the surrounding landscaping and property are cleaned as well.

We would like to take a bit of your time explaining, in detail, why this option might be more applicable to our customers. Moss together with lichen will attack your roof’s shingles and eat all the organic material out of it.

 The result is typically loss in the life expectancy of the roof. In some extreme cases, this growth, can cause severe damage to the roof,  allowing water to get into the home or property, and producing moisture, dry rot, and water damage within the interior walls of the Home or Property. 

If the growth has got to this stage, and the moss has spread throughout the roof, the work might take a couple days dependent on the amount of growth.

We advise at that point to completely remove the moss and start to have a  maintenance schedule put in place to prevent anymore extensive growth. 

Moving forward after the full removal, we provide Option #1 with your bi-annual or annual roof and gutter cleaning, treating the roof for moss as well.

Option #3


We pressure wash the roof clean, leaving no trace of moss across the roof. This will remove any staining from your roof as well, leaving the roof looking brand new.

We will always rinse the home or property after the roof cleaning has been completed. This service is mostly provided for concrete, clay and ceramic tile roofs, but in certain applications we have pressure washed shingle roofs too.

Pressure washing a composite shingle roof is always something one should avoid or consider as a last option. This process, no matter how cautious and gentle one tries to be, will take off years of life from the roof and should be consider a one-time service and then revert back to Option # 1. 

Using the wrong company with this option can cause serious water damage and a lengthy process of repair due to lack of knowledge or skill in roof maintenance.

In these cases of extreme moss growth on composite shingle roofs, we will pressure wash the roof. We provide this service to bring the roof back to a preventative maintenance condition.

Therein after, we provide our regular roof cleaning services as stated above.

Roof Cleaning consists of multiple options in Moss Control, Treatment, and Removal. We always clean the gutters after the roof has been cleaned, making sure that your landscaping and gardens are pristine and enjoyable.

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